What is a pinhole camera lens?

If you talk about the latest technology, the camera is one of the few features that every device has been experimenting with. However, nothing can beat the DSLR performance especially when you talk about the pro-level output. For this product buy Pinhole Pro X lens you get the accuracy with durability ensured.

When you are dealing with DSLR cameras and photography, there is no chance if you are not coming across with the camera lenses. The pinhole camera is basically a camera without a lens however, with an aperture. Therefore, they are known as pinholes.

The Thingyfy Professional Pinhole 2X Zoom Lens for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras are always the greatest choice when you are looking for uncompromised and detailed visuals performance. In this article, we shall find out how this Pinhole Pro x lens is searching you the right way with its doubled zooming design.

What does pinhole Pro x offer you?

This lens has been designed with industry-leading design and impressive build that instantly captures the quality without any adverse result. Additionally, this pinhole Pro X has the 18-36mm zoom pinhole lens ability which means you get more detailed in the pinhole photography.

This is one of its kind lenses with the powerful zoom and the modish digital approach. No matter if you want videography or photography, the lens itself is adaptive for different situations, color and lighting mode and above, the result remains the same and vibrant. You can totally trust its cinematic effect since this Pinhole pro X lens by thingyfy is its 2x zoom focal length.

This lens is smart enough to let you capture the vintage aesthetic for both video making and still shots. Its photos with a digital controller further make it more preferable as a use. In short, you will appreciate this lens for its extraordinary performance in comparison with regular DSLR lenses.

Since thin lenses feature advance-level accuracy you have the reason to opt for them to tackle the opaque corners on the pictures, this lens comes with the CNC machine to build design.

Now let’s see what is unique in Pinhole Pro X?

For professional photographers, everything matters. From design to the performance the lens of the best DSLR comers can’t go wrong. Therefore, Thingyfy is offering you the most impressive and well-build Pinhole Pro X lense with follow eifn features:

Precise Performance

The photographer and video makers always consider the prescience in the camera lens. This Pinhole Pro x lens has been designed with the 0.25mm precision pinhole apertures for micrometer accuracy in the results.

Well-build Design

For utmost durability and longevity, the Pinhole camera is always offering you the best performance with its full aluminum body. The single piece of aviation aluminum marks the enhanced quality while the advanced CNC and micro drilling further backs up the quality in design.

Double up zooming performance

Another quality factor in this Pinhole Pro X lens in its enhanced zooming performance. The 2x zoom easily goes down to 18-36mm which makes it one of the best performing lenses in thingify that never compromise on brings in the ace results.

What do you get from the package?

Pinhole Pro X
Shatter-resistant Packaging
Sides Pinch Snap-On Front Lens Cap
Lens Mount Protection Cover Cap

Here is the technical detail of the Thingy Pro X Lens

Camera   DSLR/SLR      Mirror less 
Lens Mount      EF, F, A, PK   M4/3, X, E 
Focal Length    40-60mm   18-36mm 
FOV           50-74°   80-118° 
Weight    150g       111g 
Diameter   55mm         52mm 
Aperture Type   Single-Aperture  Single-Aperture  
Aperture Size0.25mm 0.25mm 
Body   Aluminum Aluminum

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