Ace Cloud Hosting Provides the Top Add-ons Hosting for the CPAs and Accounting firms

So, you have spent time trying to find the most reliable QuickBooks hosting provider but you haven’t seen the success you thought you would. That’s the reason you would want a direct recommendation now. It’s no secret that QuickBooks works much better and is much more beneficial when it is backed by the power of cloud hosting. 

Particularly if you are an accounting professional or running a CPA firm, you know the importance of saving time, reducing the degree of redundant efforts, and making your team collaborate more. All of this is possible with CPA QuickBooks hosting

Finding a reliable, renowned cloud hosting provider to host your licensed QuickBooks becomes easier when you follow the right selection process. Going by any specific recommendation of a service provider specializing in cloud hosting for CPA firms will not be highly satisfactory unless you know the detailed answer to the ‘Why’ behind it.

No cloud provider can’t make authentic, highly secure cloud solutions. The clients will simply leave after the free trial unless what is said is being delivered. Specifically in terms of supporting multiple QB add-ons, if there is one cloud hosting provider that is known for its service quality, it is Ace Cloud Hosting.

Before we dive deeper into the benefits of hiring Ace Cloud Hosting for CPA QuickBooks hosting solutions, let’s shed some light on the QuickBooks add-ons it supports.

Most Popular QuickBooks Add-ons Supported by Ace Cloud Hosting

Many of you might know what QB add-ons are and what they do. But for those who do not, here’s a brief definition –

QuickBooks add-ons are additional apps or software programs that when integrated with QuickBooks further enhance its functionalities. The importance of these add-ons can be realized from the fact that QuickBooks lacks certain business-specific accounting features that are critical for the success of a CPA firm. By integrating QB add-ons, you are basically making the software do more than what is capable of doing so. 

If you look at Intuit’s list or the external add-ons, you will find a plethora of QB add-ons available, some of which are:

QB Add-on CategoryAdd-On
Inventory managementFishbowl InventoryAdvanceProIntelliTrackOrderTime
BillingBill.comBillQuickBill & PayArmatic
Data syncHammerZenAutofyCommerce Sync for StripeQbox
Payment processingAutoEntryARCollectPaya
Employee time trackingQuickBooks TimeTime Tracker by eBillityMinute7
Document managementDoc.itFileCabinet CSPrintBoss

Now that there is a QuickBooks add-ons list, what about add-ons pricing? Are they available for free?

Well, most of them are not. It simply means that you need to pay for these add-ons in addition to the amount payable for cloud hosting for CPA firms and buying a QB desktop license.

What Does Integrating QuickBooks Add-Ons Mean?

Consider this analogy to understand this better –

You bought a laptop with a certain configuration – RAM, hard disk, and an operating system. After installing all the necessary applications, you later realized that it does not have a PDF reader in it. So, you installed the same and continued with opening and reading PDF files. Then when you wanted to play music, you found there was no music player in it. Based on your preferences, you installed the one that is commonly used and it’s done.

While doing so, you might have realized that all the additional applications that you install on your laptop are basically making your laptop do more than what it has been designed for.

QuickBooks add-ons do the same with QuickBooks by adding more powers and features to the basic intrinsic features. As an example, consider which is quite popular among QB users. This add-on is designed to ensure a secure billing process and enables easy acceptance of payments via credit cards, ACH, and PayPal. 

Now, let’s move to the perks of selecting Ace Cloud Hosting for CPA QuickBooks hosting.

Bank-level security for your data

When you decide to host QuickBooks and its add-ons on the cloud, you want the solution provider to ensure maximum security of data. If you do the math in terms of investing money in deploying the required on-premise infrastructure and required security measures, it will require significant investment.

While you cannot undermine the security side, you can avoid investing in the infrastructure by switching to Ace Cloud Hosting. They are known to provide bank-level data security with the help of end-to-end data encryption, IDS and IPS, and multi-factor authentication for 360-degree protection. This way, you can avoid worrying about cyberattacks and scammers throughout the year.


Intuit is the QuickBooks software maker and sells licenses to individuals and businesses along with the recent availability of QB Online. What does Intuit authorization mean for any cloud hosting provider?

In simple words, Intuit relies on that cloud provider because of its accreditation and experience. If you agree to this statement, you would find it easy to accept Ace Cloud Hosting as your QB hosting partner. Besides being a renowned cloud hosting provider, Ace Cloud Hosting is an Intuit-authorized commercial host and is also allowed to sell QuickBooks desktop software licenses. They also keep on upgrading the services to ensure a reliable cloud environment for all their clients.

Multi-device accessibility

Being an accounting professional, you can get a call from any client asking for some urgent changes in the accounting files. What will you do if you have already left for home from the office and usually work on a locally-hosted QuickBooks? The chances are you would push the task for the next day and get it done the first thing after reaching the office. But what if the client does not agree to that?

The lack of device agnostic features to access QuickBooks desktop accounting software is often quite challenging for CPAs and accounting firms. However, with Ace Cloud Hosting, you can access cloud-backed QuickBooks from any Internet-connected smart device.

Uninterrupted QB access

As you might have noticed, technical glitches often occur in a local IT setup. Not just that, they may result in significant downtime depending on the degree of the hardware or software failure. Wondering what would you do if the same happens to a cloud server?

Unlike the local-hosted environment, a cloud setup comprises multiple servers that are connected. In case any of them fails, the other jumps in to take its place and ensure interruption-free access to cloud-hosted data. 

You can get this benefit of cloud hosting by simply switching to the cloud via Ace Cloud Hosting. In fact, they offer an SLA-backed server uptime guarantee of 99.999%.

Daily data backup

What is the action plan in place to recover data that may get lost in case of hardware or software failures?

No unfortunate event comes knocking at our doors from the front. But whenever it does, it is most likely to make us feel wounded and helpless, particularly in terms of business when there is no plan of recovery by our side. 

In terms of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, Ace Cloud Hosting can help you benefit from their daily backup process. You can retrieve the backed-up data via email without paying anything extra and prevent losing both your clients and their financial data.
As you can see here, Ace Cloud Hosting is regarded as the leading provider of cloud hosting for CPA firms. What are you waiting for? Select an appropriate hosting plan today!

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